Announcing the winner, runners up and commendations

Kirithika Surendran
Resurrection or Destruction?
Clay, paint
Runner Up
Charlie Cope
Shelters for Good
DSLR Camera, Photoshop, Artivive app

Runner Up
Zia Mirza
Oil on Canvas


Adam George
Graphic, Digital

Adam George
The King of New York
Digital Painting, Artivive app

Angelica Hirabe
Lost Identity
Acrylic and pen on canvas

Alana Sewell
Blackness and Masculinity
Oil on Canvas, Cloth

2021 Exhibition of shortlisters' and winners' work

Friday 9th July - Sunday 18th July

Weekdays 4pm-6pm     Weekends 12pm-4pm

Free entry

Some works are offered for sale

 Whitefriars Gallery, Whitefriars Avenue, Wealdstone HA3 5RN

Prizegiving Information:

Due to Covid Restrictions our 2021 Prizewinners are being announced online (on this website). We will be holding a Private View 6-8pm Thursday 8th July at the Whitefriars Gallery for invitees, where prizewinners will have the opportunity to receive their prizes from the judges and be photographed with their work. Entry to the gallery will be staggered and we will not be able to provide food and drink. For full Covid compliance information, please see below.

Exhibition Covid Compliance information:

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, or anyone living with someone with COVID-19 symptoms, or anyone who has been asked to self-isolate as part of the governments test & trace programme, will not be allowed to enter the gallery. If an attendee has recently returned from traveling abroad, they may not enter the gallery until they have completed any prescribed period of self-isolation.

Attendees should not group together and socialise for the duration of the event unless they form a household or social bubble . Households and social bubbles can’t be larger than six people under any circumstances.

Attendees are to comply with social distancing of 1 metre and room capacity measures as directed by the Exhibition organisers and by signage at the event.
All attendees must wear a face covering upon entering the gallery and for the duration of the event with the exception of those that are exempt from wearing a face covering.
Attendees will be asked to supply name and contact details for Covid tracing purposes.

Parking information:
Please note that parking restrictions have changed along our section of Whitefriars Avenue, with residents only parking now in place 7 days a week 8am-12pm :-(
Parking is available a few minutes away from the Gallery further down Whitefriars Avenue and on Toorack Road and Athelstone Road. Please note that free parking is not available on the building forecourt .

About the 2021 Competition:

Those born between 1st September 2002 and 31st August 2004 (current school years 12 and 13) and living, studying, working or part of an organisation that regularly meets within the Borough of Harrow are eligible to apply. Those born between 1st September 2001 and 31st August 2002 are also eligible to apply if they currently study full time at a school or sixth form college within the Borough of Harrow.

There is no fee to enter the Competition and there is a maximum of 2 entries per person. Entries are submitted through the online link  (available from 14th March-31st May 2021) where you will need to upload your artwork. All work submitted will need to be available for display during July 2021 ( as a potentially shortlisted work). 

All work submitted will be assessed by a selection panel which will include professional artists . An exhibition at the Whitefriars Studios Gallery will showcase shortlisted artwork. Up to 30 finalists will be chosen by the judges to exhibit. There will be a private view/exhibition opening ceremony for finalists and private guests during which the winners of the competition will be announced.

Please note: We will do all we can to run the Private View/ Exhibition as fully as possible , taking heed of current advice on gatherings/visitor numbers and will update on this on this website and on social media as appropriate. If we are not able to open in any form, the winning artworks will be displayed in the windows of the Whitefriars Gallery.

Entries: Things you need to know

  1. Your work may be in any medium except video and includes painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, sculpture, photography, and installation. You may use any art materials you like - acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolour, pen, pencil or charcoal drawing, as well as photography, pottery, sculptures and mixed media . No extra work is required - you can submit work from your existing portfolio, although you should submit work created since the beginning of 2020.
  2. We can accept digital images of your artwork in the following file types: JPG; PNG; GIF; or PDF. We cannot accept .zip files. The maximum files size for a submission is 4MB.
  3. You should name your file(s) with the name of your artwork (and a number if you are submitting multiple images).
  4. You may submit up to 2 artworks with a maximum of 3 angles/views per artwork. Make sure your files are high resolution, not crooked, and can easily be viewed.
  5. Please note that you will need to provide all information asked for . If your work is shortlisted you will need to  provide additional information needed to ensure that the piece can be properly displayed. (This includes dimensions, media, and hanging /installation/viewing instructions and full details of any technical equipment (such as projectors) or display requirements needed to get the piece to run or be set up. Any limitations or restrictions, such as insurance requirements, must also be fully, adequately and correctly described/disclosed to enable to competition organiser and judges to fully and accurately estimate how the piece will work in the exhibition space.
  6. All artwork submitted must be your original work. We understand that existing sources will be used for inspiration and research but we reserve the right to disqualify an entry at any time if we suspect or determine plagiarism.
    If applicable, please credit sources and cite any ideas, facts, quotes, or existing media used in your artwork that are not your own.
  7. Entry Forms must be submitted in English in order to be considered for judging.
  8. You must provide the required contact information for you and an eligible person,  a designated adult who could be a teacher, parent, guardian, carer or mentor.
    At a minimum you will need to supply email addresses for you and your designated adult. You will also need to confirm that your date of birth is between 1st September 2002 and 31st August 2004  and provide an address within the Borough of Harrow to show eligibility – this can be any of your registered home address, your school or college address or place of work. Proof of age, identity, or eligibility may be required and requested by the organiser.

The judging and shortlisting 

 All work submitted will be assessed by a selection panel of judges which will include professional artists. 

The initial round is judged digitally. Judges will only have access to the image of your work, together with the title, dimensions, type of work, media and any accompanying information  supplied by the entrant regarding display of the work. 

Shortlisted artists will be contacted to say that they have been shortlisted and asked to deliver their work to The Whitefriars Studios (Whitefriars Avenue Wealdstone HA3 5RN) between the dates and times which will be specified. The competition organiser cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate alternative arrangements.

Up to 30 finalists will be chosen by the judges to exhibit. It is not guaranteed that a shortlisted work will be selected for display; both the artworks chosen and how they are displayed will be at the judges’ sole discretion, and the judges’ decision will be final. 

If a shortlisted work is not able to be displayed, the organiser will contact the entrant regarding pick up of the artwork as appropriate.

The exhibition at the Whitefriars Studios Gallery will showcase finalist artwork.

Data Protection Information

More information including how personal information will be processed and used

  1. The organiser of the competition will store the following information for each entrant:- 
    1. Name and other contact information requested and supplied including qualifying address and email details 
    2. Year Group/School or College or organisation if applicable 
    3. Title and Detail of work submitted 
    4.  Image of work submitted 
  2. The organiser may use the contact details supplied as follows:- 
    1.  to request further information needed from the entrant to 
      1. enable the organiser and judges to make a full appraisal of the artwork, or 
      2. to enable the organiser to check that the entrant meets the qualifying requirements for entry, including date of birth or a valid qualifying address 
    2. to inform shortlisted entrants that their artwork has been selected and arrangements for delivery of the artwork to Whitefriars Studios 
    3. to invite finalists and their guests to the private view /prize giving. 
    4. to liaise with the finalists as necessary, including display of their shortlisted artwork for the exhibition and pick up of their artwork.
    5. Unless a designated adult is listed as main contact, the designated adult contact details will only be used, by the organiser, if the entrant fails to respond to communication from the organiser or if a 3rd party shows interest in purchasing an exhibited artwork ( see 7 below).
    6. The qualifying address and any email/telephone details supplied will not be shared with any 3rd party (any person or organisation other than the entrant, their designated adult or the organiser of the competition) unless deemed necessary and appropriate to the running of the competition/exhibition and will only be done so with the prior permission of both the entrant and the designated adult. 
    7. The organiser of the competition will only use the personal information requested and supplied in entering the competition in connection with the running of the competition/exhibition. Once the exhibition and competition has finished the information held will be deleted from the database. 
  3. As part of the judging and shortlisting process, judges will only have access  to the image of your work, together with the title, dimensions, type of work, media and any accompanying information supplied by the entrant regarding display of the work.  
  4. If the organiser does not receive timely or adequate response for information from the entrant or a designated adult, the organiser will be entitled to withdraw an entrant or finalist artwork from the competition at their discretion. 
  5. Finalist work shown at the exhibition will be displayed with a plaque mentioning artist’s name work title and media and when the work was created and if appropriate the name of the artist’s school or college. 
  6. Finalist work shown at the exhibition will be included in an exhibition brochure to be available to visitors at the exhibition. The brochure will include the artist’s name work title and media and if appropriate the name of the artist’s school or college. It will not include any contact details, including (but not limited to) email, telephone, instagram or other social media vehicles. 
  7. The exhibition brochure will not indicate that any artworks are available for sale and the organiser will not be required to pass on any 3rd party interest in a particular artwork to an entrant. The organiser may however, at its discretion, contact both the entrant and designated adult to inform them and pass on the details of a 3rd party interest in an artwork. In such circumstance, the organiser would not have further dealings or input regarding any such contact or potential sale of an artwork between the entrant (and/or designated adult) and the 3rd party. If the organiser contacts the entrant or the designated about a 3rd party interest, the organiser will not have shared any further entrant/designated adult contact information with the 3rd party and it will be the entrant (and if appropriate designated adult’s) decision on whether to further or act on the 3rd party’s approach. 
  8.  Finalist work shown at the exhibition will be photographed and finalists may have their photos, artworks and names included on the website and in local newspapers/magazines and on certain social media.


  1. Entrants and their designated adult are to have read, be aware of and understood all of the Data Protection points above.
  2. Entrants and their designate adult are to understand that if there are any concerns at any time regarding an artwork, any information held or any (potential form of) publicity or use of the information held they should immediately and directly inform the organiser of the competition at so that the organiser can make a valued and informed judgement on how to proceed. On request any personal information held can be removed and the appropriate entry withdrawn.
  3. This competition and exhibition is administered to comply with the lawful ‘Legitimate Interests’ basis set out by the ICO (The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals ( The Legitimate Interests basis requires the organiser to identify a legitimate interest; show that the processing is necessary to achieve it; and balance it against the individual’s interests, rights and freedoms.

Questions about the competition?

If the information above doesn’t answer all of your questions please email