The 2021 Exhibition is now open

You can see the Photosphere image of the whole exhibition below, underneath which are the images of the Winner, Runners Up and Commended artworks. More photos can be seen on the 2021 Exhibition page.

Download the full 2021 Exhibition Brochure here:

2021 brochure.pdf

Kirithika Surendran
Resurrection or Destruction?
Clay, paint

Runner Up
Charlie Cope
Shelters for Good
DSLR Camera, Photoshop, Artivive app

Runner Up
Zia Mirza
Oil on Canvas


Adam George
Graphic, Digital

Adam George
The King of New York
Digital Painting, Artivive app

Angelica Hirabe
Lost Identity
Acrylic and pen on canvas

Alana Sewell
Blackness and Masculinity
Oil on Canvas, Cloth